Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Hodge Podge

We are having our version of weather over here in Hawaii. It is 62 degrees out.

Last week I had to walk from my classroom to the office during recess. I try not to do this. I usually walk to the office during my prep period or late after school when there are not a lot of students around. The buzz created when over 2,500 teenagers converge in the middle of campus for a fifteen minute break is like being submerged in a YouTube fuck me video. I rarely stop or admonish language use outside my classroom. I’d never get to the office to sign in. But here’s a sample of last Thursday’s recess, what with the temperature in the 60’s and a bit of a wind.

It’s fucking cold.

Fuck, it’s cold.

I wish I wore a fucking jacket. It’s fucking cold.

FUUUUUCK! It’s fucking cold.

That was pretty much repeated all the way to the office and back. However, as I approached my building, the recess bell rang and the throngs of teens started moving towards the buildings. As I walked through the doors, the girl two inches behind me said,

This fucking wind turned my hair into a mother fucking cunt.

Before thinking I turned around to see the young lady who had a more creative take on the cursing. When she realized a teacher was smack dap in front of her she blanched and apologized.

Sorry miss, I didn’t see you there.

I wonder what language these kids would come up with if they were shipped to one of the many parts of the country that is really having some weather...

On a side note, over my winter break I was able to spend more time with my still somewhat new blogging hobby. I was able to visit sites more regularly and read some new blogs as well. Check these bloggers out, if you haven't already.

Beth is an elementary school principal with some great stories from behind the scenes.

Mile 17 is a writer and a mother who I always feel a connection with when I visit.

Irish Gumbo is an inspiring and prolific writer who has come into the blogging scene in a big way.

Sarah’s Blogastic Adventures has a what if post that was creative, artful, and inspiring.

Suburb Sanity cracks me up every time I visit.

Mama Dawg has an amazng eight year old daughter, LOML, who is beading some beautiful earrings and has them for sale.

Now I need to go find a fucking jacket so I can walk my dogs in the frigid 62 degree weather.

Maybe a hair tie too so my hair doesn’t turn into a mother fucking cunt.


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

LOL Thanks for the shout out!

My mom who lived her whole first 50years in the Midwest and has been out in Seattle for the last 8 complains if it gets colder than 60! Wimps! : ) I'd still take your "weather" over mine though anyday!!

cheatymoon said...

Funny stuff, Pseudo. I'd love for them to see what we have going on today. Fucking Blizzard. Doesn't make for a very good hair day...
Happy 3 day weekend.

Irish Gumbo said...

Wait, In the 60's and these kids are cold? Pussies. (laughing)

Thank you so much for that shout-out and link. High praise, indeed, and I am humbled and honored! (bowing):)

That Janie Girl said...

That story was fucking prolific! I love it!

And I loved your comment about my fucking fish. You crack me up!

Just fuckin' sayin'.

Pseudo said...

Sarah - the kids' blood is so thin from growing up with temperatures in the 80's, they have no idea.

Movie - I have never been in a blizzard, ever. Only snow for ski trips back in the day. Hopeyou are enjoying a nice long weekend huddled down.

Irish - wussie pussies.

Janie - that fish was really weird.

creative kerfuffle said...

rofl. yeah, it was 35 here in nc today, those kids wouldn't have stood a fucking chance. but, i like the girl who was cussing right behind you, "turn your hair into a fucking cunt." price.less.

Ash said...

The "C" word!?!

A young lady should be flogged in public for using that word.

My head spins.

I guess I should be happy she apologized.

anymommy said...

Loved it - they should have to spend a little time in Minnesota. If 62 is fucking cold, what in the hell is -25??

Michele said...

I have 20 somethings boys, I've heard it all; except cunt. That is not a word we allowed at this house.

Last week in Phoenix was fucking cold, 58 degrees. Back into the 70s now. We like it warmer. Drinking martinis on the patio is great.

Cristin said...
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♥ Braja said...

Man, that swearing is intense... :)

Pseudo said...

kerfuffle - it's not uncommon for the local kids to have a real tough first year if they go away to college somewhere warm.

EM - as bad as the teens talk aruond the campus, that was a first for me. Casuing the actual head spin.

anymommy - my mom is from Minnesota. Iheard the stories, but have only been there in the summer myself

Michele - no one in my house would ever use the C word, pretty sure anyway.

Braja- it is amazing what a hgih school campus sounds like these days. I never would have guessed.

WR = fultshin sounds close to the topic if you ask me.

cIII said...

I was going to give you an enormous amount of shit for whining about a 62 degree, bone chilling day. But then I said to myself..."you don't even know this person. And. you're just bitter that you don't live in Hawaii."

Plus. You say fuck a lot.

I like that.

Queen Bee said...

It snows at least 3 days a week here and the weather says it's going to start snowing at midnight and continue until at least Tuesday morning at 2 am.

There was a wind chill of -14 on Friday...yeah.

Casey said...

I love that girl's creative use of the word "cunt". Just being able to type that in your comments made me giddy.
I used to work at a high school and the kids have the worst potty mouths I've ever heard. I always got a kick out of blending in with them and listening to their language. Then once in awhile, they'd realize I was walking behind them and get embarrassed.

I hope your hair stays warm. It was in the upper 40's here this weekend (in FL, wtf!) and I about died.

Pearl said...

As a Minneapolis citizen, a place where we can use our porch as an extended freezer, I take exception to the use of the word "cold".

Nah. Use it. I'm just jealous.

And for the C word? Can't do it. That's the dirtiest word somehow, and I haven't figured it out. I haev nothing against pussy, having one myself, but the C word evokes something visceral in me...


Kristan said...

Man, I'd KILL for 62 degree weather right now... At least we're back up to 24!

Wild Child said...

OMG! that was so f*#king funny!

Geez, I was never that crass, even in high school.

CDB said...

I'm with Wild Child!! I wasn't allowed to say 'sucks' in my house growing up, even now, in my 30s. Sheesh. Kids these days.

Thanks for checking out my Spin! Though it paled in comparison to yours.

Do most of your comments start out, "I'm so jealous that you actually live in Hawaii?"

Pseudo said...

clll - I was only imitating my students whining. I actually like it when we get few 60 something degree days. I'd complain about the usual heat, but then you'd want to shoot me.

QB - sorry about that.

casey - i think people have no idea how bad their kids talk at school.

pearl - It's not a usual word for me -and was actually a rare one for me to hear at wrok. That
s why it made such an impression.

kristan- still working on beaming you and Riley over for a day. just a little science impaired.

wild child and cdb - I think language with teens had gotten worse a lot due to the media.

That Janie Girl said...

Good stuff, Pseudonymous! I bet they are funny.

Sunny said...

Aren't there any other words of huge disappointment in the teens' language?

It's awfully cold there, but I love it, because winter is supposed to be snowy, windy and freezing.

Lesley said...

Some really creative language the kids are coming up with! lol

Lol at Sunny!

p.s. We've been having nights here where it's been minus 10. Coldest it's been for a while in the U.K.

Beth said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! That was a nice surprise this morning (it looked like it might rain yesterday which rendered the internet down - more fussy than a teenage girl).

The conversation between the teenagers is hilarious! I have a visual of the hair...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have a teen in the house. WTF?

Mama Dawg said...

Thanks for the shout out for my daughter's earrings! She sold 6 pairs and is in heaven.

Just B said...

I used to laugh (being a haole from Colorado) when my hs pals would pull out the down parka on those days the temp dipped into the 60s:-)

I hate it when my hair looks like a fucking a cunt (and it's usually not weather related).

Thanks so much for the link love!!!

Anonymous said...

Kids these days. They need to work on their anatomy a little, though :)

Thanks for dropping by the other day for my Spin post... For the record, it's 57 here and we have the heat on and sweatshirts.

Vic said...

I teach high school English in southern California, so this post was familiar! (Both in the "62 degrees is cold" sense, and the "why are we all suddenly in a rap video?" sense) Nice to know that high school kids are consistent. :)

Joanie said...

Those kids should have been here in Pottstown, PA on Friday morning when the temp was 3 degrees when I woke up! Bunch of wusses!

Jack said...

LMAO!!! That's too funny!
thanks for sharing the links, I'm going to check them out now.

Keely said...

lol! I'm less concerned with the language and more concerned with context. That sentence doesn't even make sense.

Debbie said...

Thanks for linking to me! I appreciate it. I am obviously a little behind in my reading posts. But, the snow has melted and everyone is headed back to school so maybe I'll get caught up.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how i mised this post...i must be in mental pause or something. Last night (this morning?) i had a dream that i didn't wake up til almost 1:30 in the afternoon (on a work day) and had to scramble around faking that i had been up all along when the boss called looking for me...

and word veri = avingsin...kind of appropriate, the Eliza Doolittle version of fucking isnt it? :)