Friday, September 9, 2011

Sunset Surfing

On the East Shore of Oahu is a cliff side community that looks out on Maunalua Bay.


Don't forget you can click on any photo to see it enlarged.

It's one of my, "if I ever could buy a house ANYWHERE, it might be here" dreams.

Homes start around $2,000,000 and go upwards to the sky. This photo isn't one I took, it's from a real estate ad...


Anyone can go to China Walls. A little beach access between the million dollar mansions.

We went one afternoon last week to watch the big swell from Tahiti.

That's Diamond Head in the background...


I'm late, but if you want to link up a cool little spot in your neck of the woods, please do.


Kristan said...

Loooove the "flip book" photos of the wave. And oh man, I can only imagine those houses.

Mrsbear said...

$2 million. That's chump change. I can only imagine. A view like that every morning at breakfast. Stunning.

Brian Miller said...

wow. gorgeous view and worth every bit i imagine...if i had that or a half a percent of that...haha...

Anonymous said...


I really want to go.


Anonymous said...


I really want to go.


Anonymous said...


I really want to go.


Julie H said...

Two million plus for a house. Nice but really? It amazes me that people actually have that much money. Must be actors or professional athletes or something.

Gorgeous though!

K Dubs said...

There are lots of rich people, and the best ones are the ones that you'd never guess had money.

But oh. My. goodness.

What a view.

Fragrant Liar said...

Sigh. I wanna sit on the shore and watch those waves. The house? Meh. I just don't know how people settle for such gorgeousity right outside their window. You know what I'm saying?