Monday, July 21, 2008

Double Fuck Me

I go back to work on Thursday. Granted, there are no students until next week Monday, but in a way that makes it even worse. At least when the students are there, one does not have time to think about what one is missing. Thursday, however, is called "Admin" day. Which means sitting through ENDLESS speeches, introductions and Powerpoint presentations. The irony is that the word in vogue lately is DIFFERENTIATION and whilst admin is providing professional development for siad catch phrase, the professional development will in NO WAY reflect differentiating for faculty. Soooooooooooooooo, those of us who have worked at the school 10 or more years will be treated to the same day and information as first year teachers and teachers who come in from out of state.

I have two days to think of something to bring to do during this time so I don't pick out my eye balls and offer them up in a raffle just to entertain myself.

And don't get me started on why Hawaii's powers-that-be think a year round schedule and sending the kids back in mid-July with steaming heat and very few schools with air-conditioning is a great idea. Maybe they just want the tourists and their children to have the beaches all to themselves for the rest of July and August... Meanwhile, my students and I will be sweating it out big time while we get acquainted.


Christy said...

It should be illegal to go to school when it's that hot outside with no air conditioning. In my humble opinion.

only a movie said...

How did I not comment here last year? :-)Did I not know you then?