Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Blog World,

Hmm. It’s been nearly a month since I last wrote you. After a month of fully committing (OK. Slight exaggeration there. AFTER working 50-60 hours week teaching grading, etc – not to mention husband, teens, dogs and house. Some leisure. After ALL THAT fully committing) to this blog thing I have some updates.

  1. Reading blogs and making blog friends on the Internet is an OK addiction.
  2. It’s still difficult to set aside time to write.
  3. I’ve learned how to put in pictures, videos, and links.
  4. I still HAVE NOT checked out those Internet sites my sister sends me to help make my blog more techno savvy.
  5. The virtual world is invading my physical reality. Like the other day when some dumb ass bitch kept tailgating me (she’s coming up below), instead of my usual vulgarity tirade at the rear view mirror, I merely mumbled, “You are a blog rant my dear.”

But the week (weeks, months, years, life) is forging ahead faster than I can keep up with. My students are turning in another big assignment today, which means I have hours of grading again this weekend. Border Collie has obedience school.


So, I thought I’d ask for a little help. Make me commit. Make me step up to the plate so to speak. I’m going to list the topics I’ve got jotted down for possible blogs. So anyone (everyone) who happens to stop by, please vote in the comments for which blog I should write next. It’ll help me take a break from reading addictively to the exclusion of writing and then posting pictures instead of writing.

Things I’ve been thinking about writing:

  1. Women friends and how they helped get me through cancer treatments and recovery.
  2. My apprehension of pharmaceuticals and the way all my doctors so blatantly advertise for them in their offices.
  3. The silver lining of recovery – pros and cons.
  4. The Dumb Ass Bitch who tailgated me all the way to the North Shore, on a two lane road with 20 cars in front of me.
  5. A letter to a super market manager informing him/her of how I did not appreciate the bag boy cussing out the cashier boy while I stood in line.

Thank-you ahead of time to all and any who vote!


David said...

I look forward to your posts and so enjoy your "voice" here.
Thank you for continuing to share.


InventingLiz said...

I vote for the Dumb Ass Bitch! I like knowing I'm not the only one who gets irritated by idiots on the road.

Also, I find it really helpful on my blog to have a theme set aside for each day. Monday is health, Tuesday is being thankful, Wednesday is wordless, I'm working on making Friday about money/financial freedom. Thursday doesn't have a theme yet, and I think of the weekends as wildcard days - I can write about anything or nothing, whatever I'm in the mood for!

Bear Naked said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog today.
Of course your friend Leti will go on my prayer list.

I see we have a mutual blog friend (Hi David--waving my arm here.)

I usually write about something that is of interest to me but then sometimes (be quiet David) I get waylaid by something that has happened in the news.

I joined ABC Wednesday because I like to have at least one specific post done in advance.

Just my two cents worth but remember it is YOUR blog and you should be writing what interests you not what will bring in the largest number of readers.

Bear((( )))

cheatymoon said...

ps - left you a gift at my blog

Anonymous said...

i'm voting for the DAB tailgater for the same reason as's comforting to know you're not alone during road rage moments...and i'll choose the recovery one and/or the girlfriends one just to balance out the yin and yang of your blog

ps your question for the torturer over at tfah made me LOL...hmmm... altho to be honest i can't actually remember right this second what it was..i love being perimenopausal...

Kristan said...


That's a vote, not a derogatory. ;P

And all the rest, of course, but the d.a.b. takes first priority.

Robin said...

The Rx thing is one of my all time biggest pet peeves. First, all these meds are so freakin' expensive, they spend so much on ads, samples and packaging, and most HMOs pay for only generics. My birth control especially bugs me. If you are on birth control, you are taking it every day, for, oh, years probably. So why do you need to give me a new (plastic, non-recyclable) dispenser, stickers and reams of pages of warnings and side effects. Oh, and coupons and order forms for some goofy sebra-patterned dispenser? Aaarghhh!

Okay, maybe you don't have to blog about that, I got it out of my system. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think you should write what inspires you. I jot down blog ideas when they come to me, but I can never really write one unless I'm in the mood for it. I take weekends off so I don't burn out.

I also thought your comment for The Torturer was hilarious. I'm going to be in stitches the entire time I'm interviewing him!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

While I agree that you should write about what YOU want to write about, you did ask. I vote for the women friend who helped you and the DAB because sometimes the angry ones are the most entertaining. LOL

Anonymous said...

all so good... one at a time, one at a time - as the direction your current mood motivates.

(but because you asked - and because i'm rather perverse - i vote for the bag boy or the dumb ass tailgater. an even toss-up.)

Pseudo said...

I'm going to go with the tailgating pain in my rear the other day. Because sometimes it's like I want to write them all and end up writing none, THANK-YOU ALL!

Hopefully the other posts will follow soon, if grading papers doesn't kick my ass first.