Friday, September 19, 2008

Made My Day!

It's homecoming week at the high school where I work. So, in addition to getting my students through the last of a novel, staying after school until 4 or 5 everyday tutoring the kids who need extra help with writing, and calling parents of kids who are failing, I also have to put in a few extra minutes in the morning figuring out what to wear each day. Because homecoming week is spirit week and each day is themed and teachers count double spirit points for the class that they teach. And my colleagues in the sophmore class have a lot of spirit. So when I showed up on Monday in regular clothes (in the transition from weekend to workday I forget details like dressing up) I was SHAMED. So, yeah, it's been a hectic week. Hollywood glam day did not help. What 50 year old is naive enough to think she can go an entire work day in heels???? Oh, yeah, that was me.

Meanwhile I did make Don't Worry, It's Only a Movie's day. She's a teacher in Northern New England with a kind and generous soul. Thank-you Movie! That was an uplifter to come home to yesterday.

The deal is I need to pass it on, so here are the rules:

(1) give this to people whose blogs mean something special to you - or give it to the blogs of people who are special to you
(2) leave a comment on their blog so they know they got it
(3) you get to pick the number of times you give it

I'd like to pass this on to:

Shaunna My sister and friend and a wonderful writer.
Kristan My first blog meet over the internet, a talented young writer who shares my love of dogs and, especially, border collies.
Thistle She is really fun and funny. She works in mental health and has a great outlook on life.
24 at Heart A blog I found while troopng around. She's hilarious and very inspiring as she is recovering from a major accident. I also like that she tells funny stories about the plastic people in Orange County.

Today is school colors day! Yippee, an easy one.
See you tommorow with a story of the Dumb Ass Bitch who tailgated me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gift... i have to clean my spot up now?!... in case there's like...more visitors and stuff...LMAO...

seriously...that was my first thought...we can thank my mother for that little moment of insecurity...

hoping you post a few pics from theme week...


cheatymoon said...

You do not suck. I can't wait to see you school spirit photos.

About the icon - If you right click on the it, then save it to your computer, you should be able to upload it like any photo. It didn't come with any home website, so I just cut and pasted it off of Sherri's.

:-) Happy weekend -

Kristan said...


Vodka Mom said...

I hope you kicked her ass.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! How sweet of you to think of me! I love your blog too!

Pseudo said...

Unless some kid was taking pics with their cell phone - there's no pictures from theme week.

Vodka Mom - thanks for stopping by. You shall soon see...........

hillgrandmom said...

HI! Came by from Onedia's Ozarks site. Interesting blog.