Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fa, fa, fa faaabulous daarling!

Bobby McGee’s circa mid ’80’s. I’ve had many jobs and have probably worked with thousands of people over the course of my 51 years. But I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I had landed a different job upon my arrival in the islands… Five of the women in my close circle of friends come from this slice of my life. I met my husband there. The place and time and events from this hub at the early center of my life are a gold mine for writing that I have yet to chisel and hone.

But the reason my mind is wandering down the hallowed hallways of my own ‘80s movie, complete with a wait staff in costume, a nightclub where cigarette smoke was still the norm, and bouncers (door hosts) in suits, is because Laura over at Under the Sheets passed on an award to little ol’ me.

Isn’t it fabulous? It reminds me of Holly Golightly. I’m not feeling very fabulous right now. I’m behind on everything that has to do with work and life. My blog writing and reading is taking a back seat and I have more half written posts than I care to think about. My non-blog writing projects are on the back burner until I finish some lesson planning for a novel that I am teaching for the first time. My reader has at least two posts from every blog I follow that I haven’t read yet.

Getting back to McGee’s (see, I don’t even have time to edit this and get the back story all together). There was a door host (bouncer) who decided he liked the word fabulous. He was this huge guy, like 6’4” and, as my mother used to say, big as a brick shit house. But he would say “Faabulous” and “Maarvelous” with a bad British accent all the time.

Hey big guy, I’ve got a table on the dance floor open for those VIP’s.

Faabulous, darling. I’ll bring that party right away.

Hey, big guy, there’s a jerk in my station giving me a hard time.

Well, that’s not faaabulous; we’ll just get him out of there.

I never saw him irked, even when he had to kick out obnoxious drunks who acted up.

Thank-you very much Laura. Very unexpected and with me being a shorts, jeans, T-shirts, and slippers (flip-flops Mainlanders) kind of gal, fabulous is not something I have personally ever thought of myself as being. Awarding the fab button to my blog is so cool. I humbly accept. I love the graphic and the thought behind it.

My preference is to say here that if you are in my blog roll or I follow you, then you’re pretty effing fabulous because life is busier than all fucking hell and if I read (or suggest to others to read) your blog, than you are so awesome that you beat out the books waiting on my nightstand. That also goes for newly discovered blogs that I read but have not yet updated onto my own site (this is on my to do list).

But I figure most of you wouldn’t bother taking the absolutely fabulous award under those circumstances. And it’s so pretty. So here are the ten blogs I’d like to pass it on to. I figure with the exponential factor, all my fabulous blogger friends who don’t have this will yet will get caught in the web eventually.

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So, there are a few things you need to do after accepting this award:
1) Post the logo on your blog.
2) Pass it on to 10 of your blogger friends.
3) Please link the person who awarded your blog in your post.
4) Link the awardees as well.
5) Let your awardees know you have passed this on to them by going to their blog and leaving a comment.

To all of you who commented on yesterday’s post, thank-you. I really enjoyed reading that comment thread. It’s given me a lot to think about during this chaotic week.


Just B said...

Thanks, Pseudo. I guess this is faabulous kick in the pants I needed to get back on the blog horse, so to speak.

And dhaaling, you are so faabulous, even in your slippahs and shorts!

Casey said...

Well I think you're faaaaaaabulous... you have a way with words that always puts me right in the story you're telling. I dig it.

Pancake said...

I think you are FAB!!!! Thanks so much for the award!!

Ash said...

I was already over here reading your post when your comment hit my Yahoo box - cosmically connected?

Thank you. Thank you for the bling!!! It means a great deal to me that you think I'm fabulous. Honest.

Happy day!! Em

essbesee said...

Thanks so much, love it! I will post and follow directions later today...have to go pick up the kids in a minute. Really, thanks, this made my day!

Joanie said...

Well, I certainly think you're Faabulous, Pseudo! And if I get the chance to go to Hawaii when my daughter elopes (we're invited if we want to see her get married... she just doesn't want the drama of a divorced family), I sure hope I can take you to lunch! I just don't know when that will be.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hi Pseudo - thank you, it's FABULOUS, (just like you) x

Anonymous said...

How i do feel Fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing a perfect antidote to blogger's malaise. I shall try to live up to it even tho today? it's snowing and decidely not fabulous.

Wishing i was in fabulous Hawaii with the fabulous Psuedo and her undoubtably slippahs... :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I think one of the things that makes you so fab is that you can be Holly Golightly in tshirt, shorts and slippers. Not many people could pull that off. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

You are fabulous and you wear your award well.

MsTypo said...

I think we all have a little fabulousness and Holly Golightly in us. :) Congrats on your award! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And thank you very much! I'm not feeling fabulous at the moment, but this sure made my day! I'll post this one with pride. :D

Lori said...

See, even when your life is crazy busy, everyone still thinks your fabulous and marvelous. As you were describing that big as a brick shit house man(love that saying) saying Faabulous and was almost like I could hear it and it made me laugh.

Hope life settles down for you soon my friend...oh and congrats on the award, you surely deserve it.

Beth said...

And I know that life won't settle down until May (or June - depending on when the end of the school year is) - but your blog is faabulous.

Robin said...

You are faaabulous, dahling. And now I don't feel so bad about the, um, hundreds of unread posts in my Reader....

Fragrant Liar said...

Faaabulous indeed!

Anna Lefler said...

Dude, you are the coolest! Thank you so much. That means a lot to me...coming from you.

Hope all is well and sending hugs...



Sunny said...

Congrats on the award!
Lol, I like that faabulous guy!

K Dubs said...

Congrats and thank you! And I like the idea of Holly Golightly in flip flops! Although just the word "golightly" makes me think of other things. Like a colonoscopy. That's the name of the stuff that we used to give people to drink the day before. I'm not sure "lightly" was in their go anywhere. LOL
Will post later :)

Fantasmagorical dear!!

Anonymous said...

OMG - I've been so busy I just got around to seeing your comment to me yesterday.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - coming from you, this award means a LOT.