Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Golden

I usually try and watch the Golden Globes. It’s one of my favorite awards shows. One, because it combines television and feature films and, at the same time, separates drama from musical/comedy.

But two, oh lovely two. The foreign press makes it a banquet and serves the attendees plenty of alcohol and nearly always something interesting happens as a result.

This year, nothing all that out there happened as a result of an intoxicated Hollywood entity; however, the host, Ricky Gervais, was entertaining. I enjoyed his making fun of the celebrities. It seems not a whole lot in this world keeps them real, glad he didn’t spend the evening kissing their arses.

Whoever the director was – he sucked. When a winner was announced, every single one of the non-winners for that category was given a couple seconds on camera to gauge their reaction. How cheesy.

My least favorite moment was when Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner won for best screenplay. Ricky Gervais had JUST MADE some hilarious comments in a satirical fashion on how writers are overrated and we all know it is not the words that count but the way the actors say them. Then, while accepting the award, Reitman totally kissed ass to all the actors in the movie. Strap on some balls boy.


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You know those SPAM comments? For a long time I never got any after I took off the word veri. Now I get them on older posts. Japanese comments that I can’t make out, or badly worded promotional crap. I made it so comments cannot be posted on posts older than 14 days, so it’s easier to find and delete them.


While I’m on comments, for the record, I like the pop up window best. It makes it easier to go back to the blog should I be behind and want to read back posts. Also, if I want to quote a particular phrase from the post in my comment I can still see it. Not that I’m expecting anyone to change their comment format just for me. I’m just saying.


I was doing my morning inspirational reading and came across these quotes from the Bible.

He who gives to the poor will not lack,
but he who hides his eyes will have many curses. Proverbs 28:27

Defend the poor and the fatherless;
do justice to the afflicted and the needy. Psalm 82:3

And it made me think of the two giant douche canoes, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. How they can make the comments they have made about the situation in Haiti and still have people listening to them is beyond my comprehension. Golden Rule boys.

For more random fun, head on over to Keely at the Unmom's.


Rosaria Williams said...

Oh those folks, I don't even want to name them, so ignorant and so mean-spirited. Best to let them drown in their own venom.

Yes, I did catch how Gervais made actors shine; perhaps he was actually making fun of them; after all isn't he the writer of his own show?

cheatymoon said...

Gold Rule, indeed.

I love Ricky Gervais. Love. Smart and funny. If you youtube his stand up routines, you will pee your pants watching.


Jan said...

I can't remember the last time I watched an awards show; I used to all the time during my first marriage (the ex is An Actor, you know), but we barely watch television any more so I wouldn't know who half the people are.

I like the popup window for commenting on Blogger better, too. You're right - makes it a lot easier sometimes.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, Ricky Gervais. I love him...so funny! Did you see him on Conan last week? He was (of course) hysterical. His clip with Elmo is one of my favorites.

Ugh re: Limbaugh and Robertson. I still can't believe their comments.

Christy said...

I hear you on those atrocious comments about Haiti. I can't believe they're still on the air! UGH! And I just delete all those spam comments. And I would delete any unkind comment too, if I were ever to get one. I missed the golden globes, but loved looking at the fashion online. Love ricky gervais so I'm sure he ruled it!

Mrsbear said...

Douche canoes indeed. It's amazing to me in the wake of such suffering anyone can feel anything other than compassion and heartbreak.

I am Harriet said...

I missed the Globes too. Oh well...

Have a great Tuesday!

Michele said...

Golden Rule is right. Those two thugs and their followers should be ashamed of themselves.

I didn't watch the awards but I kind of wish I did. Ricky Gervais is hilarious.

Off to look at my Blogger settings.

Brian Miller said...

they will have their day...

yeah i had to put word ver on posts older than 7 days...it stopped the spam.

missed the awards...but shots of the losers would have gotten old quick.

Deb said...

good to know about the pop up window. now that i see yours is like that, i realize i like that format best, too. but i think i have mine set differently.

oh, and those spam comments? i had been lucky, but of course, on the post about my father in law dying, i got hit! perfect.

Kristan said...

Yeah, I had to do the same for spam. :(

Also, your comments about comments made me laugh. I too prefer pop-ups. Even though I don't use them. (More complicated with WordPress, at least for me.) :P

mo.stoneskin said...

I LOVE that Psalm. One of my favourites. Psalms like that make everything make sense.

Sorry about the Japanese comments, that was a Japanese robotic experiment of mine gone wrong.

The Rambler said...

I'm so pissed...I forgot to watch the Golden Globes....only because I wanted to watch Ricky Gervais. THAT guy is funny.

Love Vodka mom

AND WTF is going on with all the japanese comments? I get those constantly! I had to close comments on one post because everyday I was getting them. Arghhhhh.

Thumbs up for pop up windows for comments.

GREAT quotes from the bible! Off to read what the DC's said on their sites. (shaking head, why are people such DC's?)

Sprite's Keeper said...

I never thought I would see the words "douche canoe" written on your site.
I'm in awe right now. Seriously! :-)

Mama Badger said...

To random on your random, one of the ads running aside you blog is for something called "The Pregnancy Pact". Disturbing.

Rush Limbough is still a big fat idiot. Nothing has changed. And the fact that people send Pat Robertson money simply astounds me. 700 club indeed. He should be beaten with 700 clubs in hell (a nice twist on the virgin idea, no?)

Mike said...

I need to see what these idiots have said. Why is it that all of the so called religious right people all seem to be the ones with less heart?

The Golden Globes were not bad. Gervais was funny.

The problem with random thoughts is that It is hard for me to remember the entire post when I comment, so the pop up box may be the way I go!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Sickened by the Haiti comments. Thank you for sharing what the Bible says about poverty and need. That's what matters to me.

Matty said...

I agree that the pop-up window is best for commenting. I did posts about it and most, but not all of the people changed their comments settings so I could continue to leave comments.

As for Robertson and Limbaugh, they have their opinions and views like anyone else. Whether we agree or disagree with anyone on issues, I don't like calling them derogatory names just because their views differ from mine. Sure, I might vehemently disagree, and I might be astounded and angry at what they said, but my disagreement is with their opinion or their statement. Calling people names because we don't like their views, opinions or style personalizes it. If I called my children names every time they did or said something I didn't like, that wouldn't be (in my opinion) proper parenting. Hate the behavior but love the child. And so it is with other people's opinions. Hate the statement/opinion/viewpoint, but don't stoop to a personal attack on their person because of it.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Great random. I noticed that about Jason Reitman too. Also, James Cameron made an ass out of himself, telling everyone to give themselves a hand twice and going on. A little much in light of Haiti.

Beth said...

Great random thoughts here! And I totally agree with you about the Golden Rule. It is really discouraging when people use their fame to spread messages of hate.

Carolyn...Online said...

It's a rare gift when you can use the word 'douche' right after quoting the bible. Awesome.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I didn't watch GG because I was spending time with my seasonal boyfriend. I like the popup window too for the very same reasons. Now I have to go see what I have because I will change if that's not it. Sad that I don't know this, I think.

Golden Rule.....agreed! Fidiots!

kyooty said...

I was so disappointed when I heard what those people said. Where is the love?

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I can't STAND either of those men. I know you're terribly surprised! : )

Stacy Uncorked said...

Giant douche canoes for sure.

I like the pop-up mode in comments, too - it does make it easier. I'm trying to figure out how to do that on my new place. I know not having it pop-up is a mode of frustration for some people.

It's only been recently that I've been getting those foreign and other spam comments on older posts - I set it up the same way you did when I was on blogger, too. That seemed to help (plus then I could click 'reject' right from my email). :)

I used to have a big party for the awards shows - it's been a long time since I've watched any, wish I would have been paying attention, I would have loved to see Ricky Gervais do his thing. ;)

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

I stopped watching all those award shows when there got to be 134 a year.

Thanks for the inspiration...

Anonymous said...

I loveeee Ricky, good old British humour... that's humoUr I say.

Totally with you on the spam, I've closed comments on everything older than two weeks... I think!!

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Don't blame the GG director... blame the producer. I work in TV, and the option to take shots like that is the producer's to make.

And on the crazy Japanese spam comments-- one of my friends actually found a website to translate them. They didn't say anything very nice at all!

Stopping by from a blog we both read :)

Confessions From A Working Mom

Cajoh said...

My wife used to go all out for the golden globes and do a Martha by getting a bunch of gold ornaments out and placing them in a bowl, and cooking things that are golden delicious. Unfortunately this year they came up so fast we didn't have time to prepare. All the same we did enjoy watching them.

I thought that I was not popular enough to get the stuff, but one day I got 4 in a row on older posts. I went ahead and added the must approve after X number of days and two days later I got one on my most recent post. I took matters into my own hands and reported them to the Google Police. Haven't seen any since (knock on Formica).

Thanks for stopping by,

Amy said...

I loved how some of the stars could not get to the stage from their tables. They had that look of how to I get up there. I would have already had this plan in my head while I sat there waiting to see if I would win.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Good lord! How is Rush Limbaugh still on the radio- What a jerk! sorry, I feel better now.

I'm with you on the Golden Globes-- Kinda boring. Ricky had a few funny comments but otherwise, it was pretty bland stuff-- Except for his dig at Mel Gibson (another idiot in my book).

I voted for Vodka Mom! She's up to #21 and climbing!


anymommy said...

I'm getting lots of spam comments too. Annoying. I'm not a big fan of word verification.

And yes, absolutely, if you are about to say something horrific and unhelpful with a national audience, please, please, please don't say anything at all.

Heather said...

I also got some of those Japenese comments on older posts. Weird.

I haven't watched any of those awards shows since the Billy Crystal days! LOL!

I'm not going to talk about those bad boys. The more we talk about them, the more publicity they get.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Yes, yes! I have likewise commented on Robertson and Limbaugh and their happy band of lemmings. Douche is too kind a word.

How can someone assassinate JFK and MLK and those two guys are left untouched? Just sayin.....

And Ricky Gervais was so incredibly funny! Especially once he realized he'd crossed the NBC line and wouldn't, in all likelihood, be asked back. He became even funnier!

What would happen if you put him and Kathy Griffin on stage together? I'd like to see it.

Cristin said...

I didn't know you could do that with the comments... I've been getting TONS of Spam on old posts... thanks for the tip.

I wish I'd caught some of the Golden Globes.. I LOVE Ricky.

Douche canoes. That's being way too nice.

Casey said...

I didn't watch the globes this year but like you, I like watching people make drunk asses of themselves.

I get those stupid spam comments all the time but I installed a SPAM filter (askimet) that gets rid of most of them. Not sure if it works with blogger though.