Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RTT: It’s a Sushi Bar Luau. Only With No Hula Dancers. Or Roasted Pigs.

I was delighted when Jan from Jan's Sushi Bar agreed to guest post on Random Tuesday. I always look forward to her Random posts. Well, actually, I look forward to all her posts. Jan has a wonderful sense of humor, is a wonderful writer, and posts recipes to die for (including martini recipes). Thank-you Jan!

Hello, there, all of Pseudo’s regular readers. As you probably all know, Pseudo is taking a bit of a break from her blog and has asked some of us to paddle out here to the mid-Pacific, come ashore on the aisle of Oahu, and sort of take care of the place for her.

Well, twist my arm. When asked which day she’d like me to come and blog-sit, she said, “Tuesday. I love your random thoughts.”

Did you read that, Ex-husband? SOMEONE likes the way I think. Nyah, nyah, nyah.


Well, The Young One is now officially a man.

He watched Caddyshack for the first time Monday afternoon and loved it.
*sigh* Yes, I knew this day would come.


How the blue blazes can I have 47 different popup blockers on my computer and STILL get 300 popup windows when I got to certain sites?

Texascooking.com, you are testing my patience – I don’t care HOW good your jalapeno cheesecake recipe is.


I really, really wish I could remember how this conversation came about, or what we were talking about. But all I remember is how The Young One, with a completely earnest yet disgusted look on his face, asked me:

“But Moooooooooom, how can you look at Beloved naked???”

Well, son, it’s a lot easier than you’d think, but I won’t traumatize you further by telling you that.


Jen at Sprite’s Keeper told a cute story for the Spin Cycle last week about how she and her husband both forgot their anniversary this year. Although Beloved and I have been “together” for over 10 years now, we haven’t been married long enough (2 1/2 years) to forget our anniversary.

But don’t think I don’t have a story (don’t I always??).

Once, when I was facing an emergency room admitting nurse and was asked my birthday, I came up a complete blank. Beloved, sitting next to me, chirped up, “January 15, 1958.”
How sweet, you all think. Except that is his EX-WIFE’S birthday.

There was no permanent damage done, but I think they’ll be hosting the Winter Olympics in Guatemala before he makes that mistake again.


A couple of months ago, I posted about a prank played by a friend of my brother’s. The prank consisted of the friend, Englebert, kidnapping lawn flamingos and ransoming them. If you care to read the post, you can do so here. And you really should, because it helps the following video make a little more sense.

And proves I wasn’t making it up, although I had NO idea that it had made national “news” until I told my brother I’d blogged about it. He then gave me the link.

The video is even funnier when you realize that the anchor of the tabloid news show it appeared on is Bill O’Reilly.

For more random thoughts, go visit Keely at The Un-Mom. She’ll take that $32,000 and a picture of Marlon Brando, no questions asked.


smiles4u said...

LMAO! I remember that post and now this video. Thanks for the laugh...very much needed.

Once again, your random thoughts crack me up and have put a smile on my face. XXOO

Sprite's Keeper said...

The flamingo post was a great one!
And ouch on Beloved! Pulling an Ex fact out of the hat? Did you take a finger?

Kaylen said...

omg-that is HILARIOUS that a young man's prank made it to Inside Edition. I love that they didn't take the legs-just the birds themselves. That makes it even better that the people wake up and just legs are in their yards!
oh--and to call them Pelicans 20X was the BEST!!!

Kathy B! said...

OMG! I can't believe your hubby gave his ex-wife's b-day! Good thing you were in the ER. Did they give you a two-for-one special?!

These are some of the most awesome random thoughts EVER!

Mango Girl said...

Definitely random...laughed with you on the ex-wife's birthday deal.

rubbish said...

Caddyshack, what a classic. And about the pop ups, stop surfing porn sites, pick one and stick with it.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Great random, as always!
Funny about the flamingos.
And Beloved was certainly treading on some thin ice there...

Big Mama Cass said...

hahahahaha!!! That was hilarious!!

Amy said...

What a great fun post. Loved it and it made me laugh.

Captain Dumbass said...

"I'm alright... don't nobody worry 'bout me..."

only a movie said...

I need to get the Caddyshack dvd for my boy.

Love that flamingo story. :-)

Be said...

Guess I just don't perform well under pressure - am apt to shout out the first date or name that pops into my head! Good thing Jan is a patient woman!

mo.stoneskin said...

How the blue blazes?

Well for starters, which OS do you use? I use Linux, Firefox browser, and haven't seen a popup in about a billion years.

Bella said...

the pelican video was hilarious! pelicans, pelicans! LOL

and I had to laugh when you were describing your ER visit and your hubby giving your birthdate!

Hope you are having a great week!

Jeanne said...

I used to have a cement goose with little outfits for different holidays, so I should be on the side of the flamingo-owners, but this was just too freaking funny. Pelican-nappers -- just what the world needs!

Creepy said...

Caddyshack is Hubby's favorite of all time... he can quote that as well as I quote The Princess Bride.

Love the getting the birthday wrong... after 12 years, Hubs still has to think long and hard about mine...

Fragrant Liar said...

That is some crazy "pelican" love/hate goin' on.

Beloved out of the doghouse yet? I guess so if you don't mind seeing him naked, huh?


Beth said...

OMG! I LOVE the flamingo clip. Perfect view after the day I had today.

Casey said...

Hehe. I have to be careful when I rattle off my husband's SSN for insurance purposes since I have two of my ex's memorized, even years later. No, I'm not into identity theft but we were in college and used our SSN's a lot.

blueviolet said...

omg, the drama of Inside Edition is just more than I can take!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

LMAO @ The Young One's disgust at you seeing Be nekkid. Now that he's a man, he'll figure it out soon enough and then.....uh oh.