Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up November 16, 2008

As for me, I see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Nine days after they turned them in, I finally have finished grading the English portion of my students’ scrapbook projects. I’m working on a post of the highlights.

I’d like to recommend a stopover at What Kate Did Next. She’s a writer, a mom, a wife to a pilot, and she lives in London. How cool is all that? Her posts are thoughtful, creative, and usually multimedia. Her post this weekend combined a music video of Crowded House, a trailer from the movie The Notebook, a series of photographs featuring men in tears (by artist Sam Taylor Wood) and it is all linked thematically to creating emotion for characters when writing fiction. Yeah. Great blog to visit before writing as it is always inspiring.

My sister, Shaunna, did a Veteran’s Day post that wove in the story of our maternal grandmother, a model and flapper in the 20’s. Has my all time favorite picture of our grandma. You will have a hard time believing she was a grandma from the picture of her in her twenties.

Don’t Worry it’s Only a Movie featured the Keith Olbermann video that is a must see. I’d post about how I feel about Proposition 8 passing, but Keith says it better.

Kristan Hoffman is announcing a contest she will be having later this week to celebrate her birthday. Another young woman going at writing full time, I especially like her posts featuring studies she reads on famous authors and their writing ways. Make sure to wish her a happy birthday this week.

The following video is for those who wondered what “bombing hills” was.

Notice the motorcycle helmets...

And for those who wonder how I survive my son’s activities, the following is a video clip I swiped from my daughter’s Facebook page. The closest she comes to danger is a dance number at the edge of the stage. One of her favorite things in the world is when I will sit and watch an old musical with her. This clip can’t help but put a smile on your face.

My daughter is like a modern day Julie Andrews. She lives for this stuff

I think the Universe has a wicked sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Great wrap-up! The skateboarding video is amazing - wow. Nice camera work.

p.s., FIRST.

Kristan said...

Phew, congrats on getting to the end of the tunnel!

Ah yes, I saw that Keith Olbermann video on another site and was very moved. As you said, quite eloquent. And I liked how he explained there was "nothing in it" for him. I think a lot of us feel the same way, and yet, we also have in mind basic human fairness, and the hope that others who have "nothing in it" for them would someday stand up for us too, should the occasion arise.

Finally, thanks for the shoutout! But don't you know you may be lessening your chances to win? ;P

Kristan said...

Oh, and I love the Julie Andrews video! Your daughter does stuff like that? Too cute. I bet she's very talented.

Pseudo said...

GF Yeah, I liked the camera work on that one too.

kristan - great comment on standing up for basic human fairness, even when it does not directly involve us. And my daughter? She's at rehearsal right now for Peter Pan. She's a music major with a vocal focus. She's been doing musical theatre since she was 10.

Anonymous said...

that's what those kids that were lined up on my curb were watching!

(remember i live on a hill... oh, he will have so much fun the next time he comes to auntie's...)

Pancake said...

maybe one day you could post a video of your daughter singing or tapping! What talent your daughter must have!

Pseudo said...

Shaunna - ah, the cool auntie indeed.

mcewan - Thank-you for the suggestion. I've actually got some pics from plays selected for next friday foto featuring the sweet one.

Anonymous said...

bombing the hills is insanity...wish i had the kahunas to try it...

and Julie Andrewd has always reminded of my aunt,she's very musical also...AND i remember going to the mary poppins movie at the theatre when we were little kids and getting the soundtrack album as a birthday present...what a trip down memory lane with that clip!

looking forward to seeing some pics of Anonymous in full Peter Pan regalia :)

Pseudo said...

thistle - she's a pirate! and they did make-up rehearsal the other night and gave her crows feet and bags under her eyes. Then she looked more like me....scary.

Lori said...

I agree, the Universe has a wicked sense of humor.
I have seen the keith Olbermann video and think he said it so very well.
I will check out the links you gave as soon as I have time.

Happy Monday!

Meaghan said...

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Claremont First Ward said...

What a great weekend wrap up! Over from SITS. Hope you have a great week!

Karol said...

The picture of your grandmother, on your sister's blog, is beautiful. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

*hugs* from a SITSta!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hello - fantastic round up and thanks for the link! Oh, I just LOVE the picture of your granny - what a girl! Fabulous.

Pseudo said...

Kate and Karol - Thank-you for the grandma compliments.

And Karol and Angie - thanks for stopping by.