Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

If I could straight up trade jobs with someone and had to pull a specific name out of my ass, in say like two seconds, I hope I'd have the where with all to spout out Anthony Bourdain. I love his show and thought I had seen them all, but today he went to Hawaii. So, OF COURSE I dropped everything I was doing and sat down and watched the show.

His production assistants that research the locations really know what they are doing. He did a tour that made me proud. Hawaiian food at a place my husband has gone to since he was a boy, a local bar known for its great local pupus (appetizers). He even hung out on the North Shore with the old guys and went to a local barbecue in Kalihi. If you are a foodie and want to see a couple of the great places the locals go to eat, watch this segment.

Remember how last week I was wondering how each of these blog awards get started? The zombie chicken one to be exact. Well, ask and you shall know. My good friend Jan from Jan's Sushi Bar has created an award. If you are not a regular reader of Jan's blog I highly recommend it. She has wonderful recipes, including delicious cocktails, and she has got dry wit down to a science. She carries her dry wit and fun sense of humor with her as she makes her way around the Internet. Her comments are always favorites of mine. One day I went blog reading and I just happened to come about 15 minutes behind her on almost every blog I went to. She was a hard act to follow in the comments section.

Thank-you so much Jan!

A Sushi Grade Blog is a cut above other blogs that are canned and turned into salad or casseroles. A Sushi Grade Blog is fresh, lively and of superior quality. It is rare, has character and is of good taste.

Oh, and it’s packed full of heart healthy Omega 3 oils.

And since it seems there must be rules for awards, here they are:
1. Grab this nifty little graphic and display it proudly on your site.
2. Choose 5 blogs of superior quality and list them, along with why they are A Sushi Grade Blog.
3. Link to them, announcing their award.
4. Leave them a comment letting them know they’ve been given an award.
5. Link back to the blog that awarded you.

I'd like to pass this award on to some humor bloggers who tickle my funny bone on a regular basis. They are lively indeed and very deserving of the sushi award.

Serving some sushi to:

Ann's Rants

Bern This

Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Motherhood in NYC

Vodka Mom (so happy you're back)

A new friend of mine passed a Friendship award on over. Jane over at Gaston Studio. She's led a very exciting life and has the most wonderful stories to tell. I love the fact that it did not seem to come with any rules or restrictions. I read on some blog somewhere that the awards are kind of like a game of telephone, with every passing the rules and such change a bit.

I'd like to pass this one on to some bloggers I met when I first started out who have become a network of friends to me. Not only through our blogs, but also through emails. Nine months ago, these people were the bulk of my readers. Their comments and encouragement made this blogging thing something I wanted to keep doing.

I'd like to pass the friendship award on to

Don't Worry it's Only a Movie

Kristen Hoffman

My Life Interrupted

of thistles and maple leaves

Twenty-Four at Heart

Words of Wisdom From a Smart Mouthed Broad

Borrowing some words from Mad Dog, you may choose to not post the award that is fine by me, but your friendship means a lot to me.


cheatymoon said...

Oooh, thanks Pseudo. So very nice of you.

It was a Bourdain sort of day for me too - we watched some this morning, but the baseball must have been on while he was in Hawaii! We'll have to catch that again.

Funny, I mentioned him in my post today too.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend, and a stress-free Monday.

darsden said...

Congratulations You deserve it :-)

Beth said...

First, I love Anthony Bourdain. He seems like he wants to acurately portray the area. There was one episode that made me tear up.

Second, congratulations on your awards!

You rock!

Unknown said...

i am giving you the lisa leaves a comment award- they are rare these days- am looking to redress this !!

Ann Imig said...

Congratulations on your awards, and on your blogitzer nomination!

I am so flattered to be among this group. Truly. Thank you so much.

AND I love love sushi. Perfect!

Hope you have a great week.


Marinka said...

Congrats on your award and thank you for mine!

essbesee said...

Congratulations - you are truly sushi grade!

Vodka Mom said...

you are a good friend. However, I'd like to turn the award in for a TICKET to come VISIT!!!

p.s. I love Anthony.

Cristin said...

I saw that Bourdain was in Hawaii..I've seen that one before and tried to watch again...but the kids were both sleeping AT THE SAME TIME... so I took a nap...

Bourdain is so HOT.

Congrats on the awards... dammit you know how I feel about awards...

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your wonderful awards, they couldn't have gone to a nicer person.

I'm so glad I found you guys in blogland and look forward to many years of virtual friendship, if nothing else.

InventingLiz said...

This is so bizarre - you have a post about Bourdain today, I read Movie's mention of him at her place, and on Thursday I was at a conference and someone I was eating lunch with started talking about him! Synchronicity!

Congrats on your awards, they are well deserved.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thanks for the award. It means a lot coming from you, my friend. Big grateful hugs for the award and your friendship.

I love to find out where the locals go in any new place rather than the tourist spots. Loved it.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Sorry, working with a brain fog due to headache. Congrats to you on your Sushi and friendship awards. Much deserved.

♥ Braja said...

Wait a minute...just lookin' for Lost & Found in India...

lol...god i hope you know i'm joking...


Am I???

Mrsbear said...

Great. Now I'm hungry! He has a great job though, his would be a great choice. Thanks for the clip and congrats on the awards. ;)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Sorry I'm late getting over here. I've been at the ER with Briefcase ... and had houseguests this weekend. Craziness. (He's fine.) I love you - you are one of my favorite bloggy friends in the entire world. Thank you so much for the award and congratulations to you on yours! Smooches!

Jan said...

Oh, girl - you're making me blush, here! *blush, blush*

Not witty comments today, just a great big hug for you, girl!

thistle said...

I will confess my ignorance of Anthony (too busy watching the Departures boys hang-gliding in Brazil and eating fermented shark in Iceland) but as this is the second blog to mention him, i will have to now check him out...

And thanks for the friendship award...i shall display it proudly!


Mama Dawg said...

Man, I've been so out of the loop on not only my blog lately but others as well. I've missed you!

I see some names on this post that I've not seen before. Might have to mosey on over and check 'em out!

Casey said...

Congrats on the awards! I too, have wondered where some of the crazy awards started and the zombie chicken is by far my most favorite.

Anna Lefler said...

Thank you SO MUCH! And, man, I'm in some illustrious company - I'm flattered!

Thanks again and hope all is well with you...